Wednesday 22 February 2012

Mid-week Motivation - Vintage Spring Card

Hi all - it's mid-week motivation time and here is a little reminder of this week's challenge
Just think flowers, hearts, lace and pearls - all done in beautiful rosy vintage colours.

I have another card for you today - it's very similar to Monday's card but using some very fancy folds and turning them into a Spring Card. Take a look

Here is how I made it

1) Take a piece of card stock 101/2" x 51/4".
2) Fold in half.
3) Open again so that the fold in the middle is vertical. Fold the right hand edge into the middle so that it meets the middle fold.
4) Open your card stock again and lay it flat. Now take the bottom left hand corner and fold the card up as in the diagram. The bottom edge should lie against the fold made in step 3.
Open your card and repeat the process with the top left hand corner.
5) Your card stock now look like this.
6) Mark the centre point on the left hand vertical edge and then cut from this point down to the start of the first score lines - like in the photograph.
When folded up the finished card looks like this from the front,
and like this from the back.
For details on how to decorate please pop over to my blog here.

Tip: you may wish to bookmark this post or perhaps have a little practice - you never know when we might 'spring' a surprise on you!!


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